7 Tips for Suggestive Selling

Upselling, also known as suggestive selling, is an easy way to increase sales at your establishment. By developing a non-threatening approach and training your staff to take advantage of every upselling opportunity, you can see a substantial uptick in check averages almost immediately. Here are seven upselling strategies to consider: 1. Instill the skills. It all starts with server training. The upsell should feel natural … Continue reading 7 Tips for Suggestive Selling

Sell More Beer!!

Beer, like pizza, remains a perennial American favorite—and it just so happens that the two go hand in hand. Even better, beer—particularly craft and draft brews—can be highly profitable all while satisfying today’s customer demand for variety and local options. Are you maximizing these profits? Experts share seven can’t-miss ideas for making your beer program an even bigger success. 1: Think and act local.  Local breweries offer … Continue reading Sell More Beer!!


Lansing residents will soon have a new joint to drop their tokens. The Grid Arcade and Bar is coming to Old Town and bringing with it craft beers from across the state and the nation, and retro video games. Corey Montie and Callie Mykut, co-owners, are putting the finishing touches on their unique venture and plan to be open for business some time in the spring. … Continue reading THE GRID ARCADE & BAR TO OPEN IN OLD TOWN LANSING

Arcade Bar Scene Headed to Nighclub & Bar Show

By Paulina Afentakis ABS will be in Las Vegas for the 2017 Nighclub & Bar Show. We’ll be scouring the show for new trends, new products, new technology and meeting with movers, shakers and dealmakers that make the bar industry tick. We will also be covering the event in conjunction with our media partner, PMQ Pizza Magazine. Be sure to visit them at Booth 163. … Continue reading Arcade Bar Scene Headed to Nighclub & Bar Show

Is It An Arcade Or Hotel? Yes.

We’ve all experienced arcade bars….but what about an arcade hotel? Can’t get enough gaming even when you retire for the evening? Amsterdam’s The Arcade is set to re-open its doors in May, after an extensive remodel one year into its lifespan. According to http://www.traveldailynews.com: In May, the Amsterdam gaming paradise will reopen with 43 rooms in a modern design and new offers for travelling gamers. … Continue reading Is It An Arcade Or Hotel? Yes.

Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Dies at 91

Called “The Father of Pac-Man,” Masaya Nakamura was a pioneering figure in the world of video games. As the founder of Namco, the world has Nakamura to thank for bringing us Galaxian, Galaga, Pole Position, Xevious, and Dig Dug. As much as anyone else during the Golden Age of video games, Nakamura laid groundwork for the artform and technology to be what it is today. And … Continue reading Namco Founder Masaya Nakamura Dies at 91