Pinball? Killer Queen? Killer pizza? Killer drinks? Start Bar STL’s got em!

Story, video and photos by D.L. Perea


If you’re looking for somewhere to spend your federal reserve notes in downtown St. Louis, look no further than Start Bar STL. This cavernous arcade bar features a very well-balanced mix of arcade classics, pinball, skeeball, consoles, and private spaces with table service and console games.


In the back on any given night, you’ll find a former Marine churning out delicious pizzas with military efficiency.

The food menu also includes buffalo chicken, Hulk Smash Burgers, Koopa Troopa Sliders, and an array of your favorite candy from your childhood.

A selection of seasonal creative cocktails (and a few novelty drinks, like hard floats and boozy milkshakes) is dreamed up by their house mixologist, Tony Collins. Clever drink names include the Bruce Willis Was Dead The Whole Time and the Soda Popinski Punch.



Just like in video games, there’s also a secret room (if you can find it.)

But don’t take our word for it. Visit Start Bar STL and see for yourself.

Photo courtesy of Yelp

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