There’s A New 4-Player Ninja Turtles Arcade Game, And We Must Have It

Raw Thrills Inc. – the company that brought you the Cruis’n series, Fast & Furious games, and The Walking Dead, have resurrected the four-player Turtle-powered frenzy of your youth in an all-new arcade machine.

Based on the current Nickelodeon TMNT series, the new machine debuted at the IAAPA. All signs point to it stealing the show.


This game has everything. Rocksteady. Bebop. Pizza power-ups. Krang. Everything you loved about the original game is there, and SO MUCH MORE.

Instead of the fuzzy CRT of yesteryear, the glorious colors and graphics pop from a modern hi-def flatscreen. The sound erupts from booming, LED-rimmed speaker system. The whole machine is tricked out in more lights than the Vegas strip.
This game would be a hit in any arcade bar. Get the word out to Santa….we want one for our office by Dec. 25th!


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