The Eerie Stillness of Forgotten & Abandoned Arcade Games has a feature and gallery of lonely, neglected arcade machine photos taken by a variety of photographers.

Over the past decade, daring hobbyists called urban explorers have been documenting the world of abandoned buildings, often sharing photos of their journeys online. On the way, they’ve come across arcade video games that are slowly crumbling away, succumbing to those natural forces. And like rubberneckers at an accident scene, our morbid curiosity gets the best of us and we can’t look away.

Frankly, we can’t look away either. And if you’ll excuse us. There’s some dust in our eyes.

Take a look at some examples for yourself:


(Photo: Sebastiano Lo Turco)

418254-racing-to-the-apocalypse(Photo: Emma Gawen)


(Photo: Walter Arnold)

In what is perhaps a cautionary tale for the arcade bar industry, PCMag notes:

It’s a weird juxtaposition to see high technology (and especially entertainment technology) in a state of decay, because such an image goes directly against the sunny marketing narratives we’re bombarded with every day. Those messages tell us that human products are durable and well-designed, and they imply a better life or a better future. But like anything that has been neglected, technology rots away.

To see the full gallery, visit
Feature image by Kronix

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