Is It An Arcade Or Hotel? Yes.

We’ve all experienced arcade bars….but what about an arcade hotel? Can’t get enough gaming even when you retire for the evening? Amsterdam’s The Arcade is set to re-open its doors in May, after an extensive remodel one year into its lifespan.

According to

In May, the Amsterdam gaming paradise will reopen with 43 rooms in a modern design and new offers for travelling gamers. International city tourists are invited to check out the next level of the gaming hotel business.

One year ago, the Canadian hotelier Daniel Salmanovich started this pilot project with the soft opening of the world/s first gaming hotel: Nine stylish designed rooms, an exquisite offer of cult consoles, console games and retro gaming facilities in the lobby – travelling gamers could hardly believe their eyes. Success was on Salmanovich/ side when his pilot reached an occupancy rate of 97%.12593460_1556484824675911_3296628247049319375_o

In 2017, the successful hotelier is investing 800.000 Euro into the expansion of the hotel in Amsterdam/s trendy part of town De Pijp. With that, the hotel will be extended to 43 rooms. In addition, the lobby, bar and restaurant area will be fully reconstructed and redesigned. The design studio Arquetipo Estudio, directed by Sandra Duran and Alejandro De Leon, has developed an individual interior design concept for every type of room.

The fast expansion is based on the integration of the adjacent Aalborg hotel, owned by the Salmanovich family since 2003. Up until now, both hotels, the Arcade and the Aalborg, have been sharing the reception and lobby area. Although the Aalborg has been continuously fully booked, this 3-star-tourist hotel is now making way for the new concept  hotel. 12493518_1556484394675954_616519956441807645_o

To create the gaming hotel of the future, Salmanovich will not only house retro gaming, but also integrate the latest gaming peripherals. The Arcade hotel will provide a gaming room fixed with state of the art consoles, PCs and Virtual Reality. This room can be booked as event location or as meeting room for the gaming scene and industry or even by private groups and locals for their gaming sessions. Currently, Salmanovich is in negotiations with the biggest players in the gaming industry, looking at different partnership models. The outcome will certainly be beneficial for the gaming guests.

If you’re going to Amsterdam and have a gaming addiction, this might be the right hotel for you.


All photos courtesy of The Arcade’s Facebook page.

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