A4cade: Grilled Cheeses, Quirky Cocktails and Mystery Freezers

Go to 292 Massachusetts Ave. in Cambridge and you’ll find Roxy’s, which if you live in the area, you may already know for their reputation built on grilled cheeses. But behind a mysterious walk-in cooler door 16177551_1730517430592123_1485798212823686225_ohides a 21+ arcade designed to fill you with fuzzy, nostalgic memories OR quirky retro kitsch (depending on whether or not you’re old enough to remember the 80s.)

This mystery arcade is A4cade – the bastard child of Roxy’s and Area Four, who jointly collaborated to create the arcade of your dreams.


In addition to the full food menu from Roxy’s, A4cade will showcase a whimsical drink menu “served in vessels ranging from sippy cups to Dr. Who police boxes” in either “one player” or “two player” sizes. Featured drinks include The Kill Screen, their variation of the frozen painkiller; The Medicine of Life, a house-made bottled Aperol spritz; there’s a hot toddy that goes by the name Your Mom’s Basement, aptly offered up in a thermos lunch box “with a snack and a note from mommy dearest.” Craft beers from Cold Harbor and Notch Brewery are artfully poured into yellow Solo cups.

16473921_1733347286975804_8919369852817553196_nWhat can you expect as far as the electronic hardware goes?

The eclectic selection of games was curated to entertain arcade buffs and casual gamers alike. Players can choose to fly solo while defending the galaxy from invaders in Galaga, team up with a trusted sidekick to fight crime in side-scrolling beat-’em-ups like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Deluxe, or go head-to-head against foes in vintage fighting games like Mortal Kombat 2. 16487138_1733314243645775_3115923976354167387_oGet behind the wheel with driving games like Cruis’n Exotica, hook up an Xbox console to one of the A4cade’s TVs or unplug and settle scores with classics, including Foosball, Skeeball, Pinball or – at 18 feet – on the longest Shuffleboard table in the city.

A4cade is open every night from 5pm – midnight. www.areafour.com

All photos courtesy of a4cade’s Facebook page.16252352_1731135227197010_2515622737382966667_o



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