Three Tips for Maximizing Sales Through Digital Signage

Digital signage creates many advantages for bars, but one of the biggest is flexibility. You can change your signage’s message on the fly, anytime, from anywhere—even when you’re on vacation or getting ready for bed in the middle of the night. Here are three tips for taking advantage of that flexibility:

1. Adjust pricing. Depending on the time, day, season or location, what kind of pricing can your local market handle? A bar might want to lower drink prices for lunch, and raise them for the prime time crowd – or run on the fly specials. Bars with multiple locations can test different pricing structures in different markets.

2. ‘Tis the season. The weather can affect customers’ drinking habits. Colder weather brings cravings for comfort food, while warmer weather inspires many patrons to go for healthier options. If there’s a lot of rain in the forecast, bars with food can promote their top-selling comfort food items or push their colder, more refreshing cocktails during stretches of hot weather.

3. Emphasize the most profitable items. Once you’ve got the customer through the doors, your digital in-house signage can be used to promote key items with the right marketing message. Push your high-profit menu items, and bury the low-profit items lower on the menu.

Whatever you do, don’t waste your digital signage’s flexibility by simply replicating your static board!


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