Top 10 Arcade Machines


Interested in getting a pixelated piece of video game revenue, but don’t know Donkey Kong from Peter Pepper? Don’t worry. If you’re not sure what arcade games to get, we’ve looked over a number of internet lists, and consulted with some industry friends to compile our own Top Ten list of proven classics for you.


  1. Ms. Pac-Man – This perennial favorite is seen everywhere. Nobody doesn’t like Ms. Pac-Man.


  1. Galaga – The other classic guaranteed to attract quarters. In fact, Midway manufactures a Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga “Class of 1981” machine so you can get twice the games in half the space!


  1. Donkey Kong – A smash hit with renewed modern interest due to the popular King of Kong documentary film.


  1. Centipede – The crawly cult classic never goes out of style.


  1. Asteroids – Rocks in space rock!


  1. Defender – Only YOU can prevent alien abductions.


  1. Joust – Two player buzzard-busting fun means twice the quarters.


  1. Missile Command – Who knew Cold War era mutually assured nuclear destruction could make such good clean fun?


  1. Star Wars – The movies have proven to be timeless fun, and so has the original arcade classic. Kids from 8-80 want to be Luke Skywalker for a day!


  1. Street Fighter II – The granddaddy of all fighting games was an instant classic from day one.


Outraged by something that was or was not on our list? Lists are meant to start discussions and spark friendly debate. We’d love to hear your input. Email us at

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